Women’s Participation in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and the Promotion of Women’s Rights
Tianqi Yin

Women‘s participation in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution increased drastically compared to previous revolutions in Egypt. This study examines the two factors that accounted for this increase in women‘s participation: the development of education equality and the advent of social media. The study further analyzes how women activists subsequently leveraged the leadership they exerted during the revolution to promote women‘s legal and political rights and how feminists reshaped social awareness of women‘s identity by posting challenging content on social media. A qualitative research method was employed, with the main objectives of revealing and analyzing. To support the hypothesis presented, a survey was conducted among 100 Egyptian citizens who experienced the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Two objectives were stated for this study, namely to examine the factors that contributed to the advancement of women‘s rights in Egypt during and after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and to provide useful insights for future women activists‘ movements in the Middle East, where women‘s rights are often abused and disregarded.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v10n1a2