The Portrayed Image of Woman in Short Stories Written by Qatari Female Writers
Torfa Al Naimi

This paper explores how patriarchal culture is reflected on short stories written by Qatari female writers. It examines the represented image of woman, and to which extent the female characters in these short stories reflect the patriarchal perception of woman. Six short stories written by three female Qatari writers. Content analysis is used to analyze the text and capture the frequent themes. Two main themes are found in the six short stories. The first one is the image of woman as a mother and wife, the second one is the superiority of man. The writers succeed in documenting the struggle and oppression woman face in patriarchal societies. The short stories did not address many sensitive gender topics du to the fact that Qatar is a conservative society. discussing woman’s rights in literature in traditional society has limits and red lines that writers are not allowed to cross it.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v10n1a3