The Disadvantages of Women on the Labour Market in Hungary
Ibolya Czibere

The political and economic transformation, the structural transformation of economy happening in the last 20 years had different effects on men and women. Although the market’s conditions of competitions are the same for both gender so they neutral from the genders’ perspective, the success of adapting the conditions is different between men and women because of the different characteristics and social role of each gender. The market’s conditions of competitions are less favourable for women than men due to their social situation’s characteristics. This is partly associated with their individual characteristics, set of roles learnt during the process of socialisation, value system, expectations and ambitions. These factors significantly weaken their position on the labour market, moreover, without sufficient protection, they increase their labour market disadvantages and in the cases of certain groups of women, they cause impoverishment.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v2n3a3