Investigation of Pathways to Delinquency: Exploring Associations between Familial Background, Traumatic Victimization and Violent Behavior among Urban Female Adolescents
Dr. Zina T. McGee, Raine K. Cunningham, Ayana K. Churn, La Shawndra Hooks, Shaqwanda W. Everett, Nicollette Strickland, Tamara Dobson-Brown, MyKeya Foreman

This paper discusses parental background and traumatic victimization as risk factors for violent delinquency among a sample of 208 urban adolescent females. Focus group and in-depth interviews conducted on a subsample of 20 participants are also presented, and emphasis is placed on the factors that place these female juveniles at a greater risk of engaging in delinquent behavior. Suggestions for future research are also addressed.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v3n1a2