The Relevance of Female Entrepreneurs in Rural Development of Nigeria: A Study of Selected Rural Communities in Nsukka (1999-2014)
Anthonia Ogo Uzuegbunam

Considering the importance of rural development to national development and the recent growth of entrepreneurship in general and female entrepreneurship (FE) in particular, this study was propelled to investigate the entrepreneurial activities that would promote better societal conditions, examine the reasons for engaging in entrepreneurial activities and analyse the major constraints to successful engagement in entrepreneurial activities. The study was a survey research conducted in Nsukka selected rural using a stratified random sample of 200 respondents, from the age range of 18-25 to 55 and above. Four hypotheses that guided the study were stated as female entrepreneurs engagement in economic activities and provision of services like health and water have improved the life conditions of the rural populace and FE have other reasons other than monetary gains for engaging in entrepreneurial activities. The findings include; the entrepreneurial activities engaged by FE in economic venture and provision of health and water services create avenues for monetary gains, self-employment and employment for others, capacity building and provision of useful commodities. The study recommended that female entrepreneurs should be recognized as partners in development and as such should be assisted financially through policy making and policy implementation.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v4n1a7