Academic Discourse by Turkish Women “Rules of the Game”
Gülşah Taşçı-Kaya

Faculties of education have a specific and gender-based history. It is significant for the academic discourse of women to speak of trouble some process that they experience in the creation of a “leadership” career in their career stages. The attempt to configure women business life academically turns into action through the gains achieved by their lives. Qualitative research method has been used in this study and semi-structured interview was conducted for a few hours. The study group is composed of 7 women working in faculty of education who has a history of leadership in higher education academy or currently is in that position. However, it is aimed to identify their role about the academic career and management responsibilities of the participants and depict their success, disappointments and faculty culture. Research results show that women in academics follow two types of discourse while assuming the management role: winning and losing. These groups of women academics display differences in terms of cultural differences, ways of solving problems, perspectives, social and cultural perceptions and managerial organization skills. Consequently, this study includes the discussions where the experiences of women academics in "winning" or "losing" the game are introduced and the recommendations are made.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v4n2a3