Ranking of High Human Development Countries with Respect to Variables Relating with Female Living Standards by Using MOORA Method
Ozlem Deniz Basar; Munevver Turanli

Various indices are being formed for comparing the standards of countries and by using these indices, the development status of countries are being compared with each other and at the same time, the features of countries that need to be developed are also specified. While these indices are calculated for certain variables, indicators are created separately for women and men. In this study, it is aimed to rank the countries as per the living standards of women. This ranking has been done by using MOORA method, which is one of the multi criteria decision making methods. MOORA is used with many different algorithms. Among these, the most widely used one, Ratio System Approach is used for this study. As a result of the analysis, ranking of living standards provided to women by countries within Human Development Index’s high human development category have been determined.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v6n1a10