“Getting into Shape”: An Illustrative Case Study of Mothers’ Key Motivation for Participation in an Exercise Program, Sydney, Australia
Janet L. Currie

Analysis of a community–based, illustrative case study investigating women‟s main reason for exercise class participation accessed through qualitative data, revealed how intended goals of body shape improvement and loss of weight motivated them into taking part. Ninety–percent of participants joined the program because they were attempting to improve their body shape and lose weight. According to the respondents, when exercise classes are perceived as helping to improve body shape, respondents receive positive comments from others, feel body tone, notice weight loss, perceive a better personal appearance and body image satisfaction. When exercise classes are considered as not helping with body shape improvement, women notice that body tone remains flabby, no weight loss occurs, or the classes are rated as not focusing enough on problem body part areas. A theoretical model is recommended illustrating three possibilities across a continuum of individual body image. Those people in psychological harmony with their physicalbodies are considered the healthiest.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v7n1a1