Authoritarianism, Social Dominance, Religiosity and Ambivalent Sexism as Predictors of Rape Myth Acceptance
Kallia Manoussaki, Ann Hayne

The study investigates rape myth acceptance (RMA) in relation to 5 attitudinal dimensions, namely strength of religious faith, religious fundamentalism, authoritarianism, social dominance and ambivalent sexism. The findings indicate significant positive relationships between all five dimensions and RMA and provide evidence that gender roles, sexism and conservatism predict victim blaming attitudes. These findings emphasise the need for prevention work and the need for inclusive education. It is hoped that a deeper understanding of rape mythology will promote a more facilitative culture for victims, an increase in progressive policies, higher report and convictions rates and enhanced support.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v7n1a10