Gender Equality, Agriculture and Rural Development: Evidence from Nyamasheke Coffee Production in Rwanda
Rachel Bayisenge(PhD), Prof. Hu Shengde, Yves Harimana, Jean Bosco Karega, Muhammad Nasrullah, Diogene Tuyiringire

This study examines and proves how women contribute to gender equality and rural development through cash crops. Although, women in agriculture sector have a greater role to everyplace in the world, which differs from country to country, state to state, work to work, society to society and region to region. Combination of the quantitative and qualitative survey methods was used. The analysis targeted on primary data by using observation and interview. Based on previous culture in Rwanda; most of women were not used to participate in cash crops, thought that was for men; so far, it was identified that women who intervene in cash crops prove their capability in it, and contribute more to gender equality as one way of empowering them economically. This study will help rural women farmers from rural area who were not participating yet in cash crop to change their minds, and be able to participate in cash crops as men do. The context is essential and policies can be founded on sound materials and gender analysis.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v7n1a4