Cultural Structure and Sexual Violence against Iranian Women (Survey of preventive strategies based on the public health approach)
Atefeh Batyari

Today, sexual violence against women, as one of the most important social and public health problems, more than ever, it has been criticized by public opinion and social reformers. Sexual violence against women, early explanations focus on their psychology or biology, while the root of this kind of violence deeply lies behind cultural norms, social norms and the beliefs of a community. Culture and social norms are very wide. Normative and cultural principles can be positive and appropriate or sometimes negative and harmful that following to the correct cultural norms and avoiding of false cultural can ensure the security of women in the avoid of sexual violence. however, the danger of sexual violence for human rights and stability its effects in victim(a woman who has been violent) require independent review. This article is by documentary method, and evidence-based and through the case report, in addition to the etiology of sexual violence against women from a cultural perspective, analyzing the public health approach as a preventive intervention of this type of violence.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v7n2p12