Public Perceptions of Changing Gender Roles and Relations in the Family: A Study of Kaduna Metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Akpa, E. C; Ekenta, C. M

The study analysed public perceptions of the changing gender roles and relations in the family in Kaduna metropolis of Kaduna state, Nigeria. Multiple stage sampling technique was used to select 152 men and 145 women. Data was generated through the administration of well structured questionnaire. Analysis was done with descriptive statistics. The socio-economic characteristics showed that the mean age of men and women were 45 and 48 years respectively with a mean income of N132, 000 for men and N118, 000 for women. Furthermore, the conventionally expected roles of men were, providing for the family and women cooking for the family. Also, the major decision by men is the family budgeting while the women decide which school the children will attend. The mean score of 3.5 and 3.7 for men and women respectively indicated that both agreed and accepted the changed gender roles. The major factors influencing changing gender roles are modernization, economic factors, social media and campaign for gender equality. The study concluded that family budget is majorly decided by men and recommended that men and women should complement each other in deciding the family budget and there should be intensified campaign on gender equality in terms of roles played in the family.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v8n1a3