Techniques of the Internal Structure of the Central Character in Nawal al-Sa'dawi's Novels: Imra'ahIndaNuqtat al-Sifr and Suqut al-Imam
Dr. Hanan Bishara

Novelists in general employ various techniques in introducing the structure of the internal world of the central character. This study deals with this literary issue in Nawal al-Sa'dawi's novels, Imra'ahIndaNuqtat al-Sifr and Suqut al-Imam as samples that represent her other novels. The study focuses on the following techniques and their structural employment: soliloquy, psychological narration, reminiscence and analepsis, and the internal monologue that character makes with herself in her internal world, which helps the reader to fathom her depth and enter the character's internal world and discuss several stops in her past, and thus, he can understand it better.All these structural technical devices that are used artistically to color the event and break its routine sequence contribute significantly to introducing the woman's crisis in its different forms and constitute a group of tools that emphasize the intense relations between the two sexes. The employment of such technical devices is considered another type of innovation in the stylistic structures in which the logical sequence and the inevitable connection between the events disappear or disrupted. The events are hidden in the midst of the confusion of the crisis in which the past appears in an irregular way in the frame of the present, or wavers between the present and the future, which causes the creation of a degree of ambiguity in the literary work. Nawal al-Sa'dawi tries in her writings to depict the internal world or the stream of feeling of the woman who struggles to achieve her psychological integration, and consequently, a conflict takes place through a total rejection of reality and society.

Full Text: PDF      DOI: 10.15640/ijgws.v8n2a14